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Spotlight: John Naughton’s From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

December 10, 2011

Just thought we’d give you a quick spotlight on the new book by John Naughton which charts the history of the internet as well as examining the continually evolving and increasingly dependent relationship we have with a system which most of us do not understand the inner workings of.

It’s called From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg and is set to revolutionise the way you think about the internet:

Our society has gone through a weird, unremarked transition: we’ve gone from regarding the Net as something exotic to something that we take for granted as a utilitarian necessity, like mains electricity or running water. In the process we’ve been remarkably incurious about its meaning, significance or cultural implications.

Most people have no idea how the network works, nor any conception of its architecture; and few can explain why it has been – and continues to be – so uniquely disruptive in social, economic and cultural contexts. In other words, our society has become dependent on a utility that it doesn’t really understand.

John Naughton has distilled the noisy chatter surrounding the internet’s relentless evolution into nine clear-sighted and accessible areas of understanding.

In doing so he affords everyone the requisite knowledge to make better use of the technologies and networks around us, and see lucidly into their future implications.

Along the way FROM GUTENBERG TO ZUCKERBERG covers areas as diverse as the science of complexity, the economics of abundance, the appeal of disruption and the problematic nature of intellectual property.

FROM GUTENBERG TO ZUCKERBERG gives you all the basic, conceptual equipment you need to understand the Internet phenomenon.

Watch out for our review round up next week as we collate some of the incredible press this book has been receiving but for now, head over and see our wonderful new interactive flipbook.

Alternatively check out this in-depth interview with the author:

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