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There Will be Blog: Quercus Digital Shindig Report.

February 21, 2012

So last week we held our “Digital Shindig”, a party for us to get to know some of our best bloggers as well as a chance for them to meet some of their favourite authors (and us of course!). I am delighted to say that the evening was an incredible success and many of our guests have been kind enough to write about the even. A couple of these comments I thought I would share with you:

So, last night myself and Ashleigh headed into London for what was styled a “digital shindig”, held by the publishing house Quercus Books. Held in the basement of trendy pub-style establishment Mason & Taylor, we spent a couple of hours with a selection of writers, bloggers and publisher staff.

I’ve said it many times before, but I’m convinced that genre (and writing in general) people are the nicest people you could wish to meet. And Quercus seem to have raised this to an art form; being greeted through the door with a free bar and a huge bag of books (see photo) is a truly excellent welcome!

Read the rest of this article over on his excellent: A Mad Man with a Blog.

There was more praise from the superb Notes of Life:

Thursday evening I attended the Quercus Digital Shindig and it turns out they really know how to throw a party! There was plenty of food & drink to be consumed and, most importantly, despite not knowing a soul there, there were plenty of people to chat to. I’m not particularly good in social situations, but I had a wonderful time chatting with the publicists, authors and other bloggers. Everyone was so nice and friendly and I was never short of somebody to talk with.

Some amazing words across Twitter as well:

A huge thank you to everyone who came and looking forward to sharing some amazing books with you.

Stay tuned for some exclusive video footage of the party and any bloggers who missed out, there will be another blogger even t in the autumn and we’d love to see you there!

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