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Lost Christmas DVD launch day

November 5, 2012

Today is the launch of the DVD version of Lost Christmas starring the amazing Eddie Izzard. Based on the brilliant book by David Logan, Lost Christmas is an Urban Fairy Tale set in Manchester. The film tells the story of how a series of tragic events blighting a young boy’s life one Christmas Eve take him on a journey where a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger may have the key to help and give him a perfect Christmas.

Goose is a ten year old boy who on Christmas Eve not thinking about his actions hides his father s car keys in the hope that he won t leave to attend an urgent emergency rescue.

This is a decision Goose will always regret. As his mother gets her keys and drives his dad to work, Goose doesn t realize that this is the last time he will see his parents as ten minutes later his mother and father are killed in a car crash.

Flash forward a year and its Christmas Eve once again, we see Goose is no longer the bright, energetic ten-year-old boy he once was, and is now a streetwise kid who is supporting his Nan through petty crime. Enter Anthony a mysterious enigmatic man who appears, seemingly out of nowhere, on Manchester s snowy streets.

Despite being lost himself, he has the compulsion and ability to find the lost, uncovering truths that will eventually transform the life of Goose and those affected by his decision.

But is Anthony s ability to heal real, or just an illusion?

Get the DVD here.

Pre-order your copy of the new updated book with an introduction by Eddie Izzard!


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