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Roxy Squires’ Big Fat Quiz About Everything That Totally Rocks

December 26, 2012

 Eleanor Prescott!

 All answers are factually suspect.  In the event of a quibble, Roxy’s decision is law.


Round 1 – Girl Power!

    • Which rockin’ chick had her naked peachies projected onto the Houses Of Parliament?
    • Which ladette flashed her norks at Prince Charles?
    • Who reckoned the Queen Mum “smelt of wee”?
    • Who pinched Mandela’s bum?
    • Which 90’s TV babe could drink a pint of lager in under 10 seconds?


    • Finally, in this round… rockin’ telly shows, but which girl-power babe hosted which:


The Word                                          Sara Cox

Big Breakfast                                    Jayne Middlemiss

Live & Kicking                                  Denise Van Outen

The Girlie Show                               Katie Puckrik

The O Zone                                        Zoe Ball

Round 2 – Fit blokes

    • Which Swedish ex-Arsenal hottie showed us his Calvin Klein kecks?
    • In 1996, which Scottish actor was the hottest piece of man-totty in the known universe?
    • How many pints could late-nineties Robbie knock back before slurring?
    • Which pulse-raising doctor did George Clooney play in ER?
    • In what year did Becks deprive the UK of his phwoarsomeness to play for Spaniards with Real Madrid?


    • Finally, in this round… List these boy bands in order of fitness:


5ive – Bros – Wham! – Boyzone – 911 – East 17 – One Direction


Round 3 – General Knowledge

  • Who did FHM reckon was the sexiest woman of 2002?  BONUS POINT – Who came 2nd?
  • Which has more units… a green vespa or a slippery nipple?
  • How many different perfumes has Britney peddled?
  • When was the Premiere League set up?
  • Which total rockin’ goddess starred as the love interest in ‘Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery’? BONUS POINT: what was the name of the character she played?
  • Which EastEnder put out her own fake tan range? BONUS POINT: what’s the range called?
  • Which of these gorgeous gals hasn’t released a fitness DVD?  Letitia Dean – Colleen Nolan – Fiona Bruce


Round 4 – Who said what (allegedly)

  • Who apparently said this about Becks…?

“He’s so good looking I don’t know whether to punch him or kiss him.”

  • Who definitely said this about Liam Gallagher…?

“Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough.”

  • Who absolutely said this about Irish brother/sisters band The Corrs…?

“So, where did you all meet?”

  • Who do the papers reckon said…

“I’d rather die than be as fat as Marilyn Monroe”…?

Round 5 – Telly

  • Who won the first ever Big Brother?
  • Who was ‘da man’ on MTV?
  • Who presented Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush? MEGA-HARD BONUS POINT – Name his leggy sidekick in series 1?
  • Who made her name co-presenting SM:TV with Ant & Dec?
  • What was the name of Davina’s ‘90’s dating show?
  • It’s bonkers, but only 3 women to have won ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’  Name them.
  • Who, um, ‘milked’ a pig for Channel 5’s ‘The Farm’?


Round 6 – Music

  • How many UK number 1’s did the Spice Girls have?
  • Which Spice Girl was the first to score a solo UK number 1? Bonus Point: who did the rap?
  • According to legend, whilst filming for MTV, what did Mariah Carey ask to fondle between takes?
  • Who sang ‘Saturday Night’?
  • Who was number 1 for the Millennium? (Clue 1; it was crap. Clue 2; despite Clue 1, it wasn’t Cliff)…
  • Remember these stars? But what were their bands? Lee Latchford-Evans, (Sir) Keith Flint, Louise Wenner, Boneheadm Saffron and total-ladette-before-her-time, Wendy James


Round 7 – The Scale of Rockness

  • Rewrite this list in order of rock-ness…
    • Kylie’s thighs
    • Pantone 17-146
    • Craig Revell-Horwood
    • Mel C as Mary Magdalene
    • Repentance c/o Piers Morgan
    • Liz Hurley
    • Tottenham Hotspur

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