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Africa is Here

January 4, 2013

This week saw the start of the BBC series Africa with David Attenborough to which our incredible book is the essential accompaniment!

Here’s some more info:

David Attenborough CBE and the award-winning BBC Natural History Unit embark on a landmark new series, painting a breathtaking portrait of Africa as never before caught on film.

This lavish and unmissable companion to the BBC One series reveals the undiscovered side of Africa’s five unique regions. Inspiring photography captures unprecedented wildlife behaviour, mesmerising new creatures and magical landscapes that will astound and captivate, and will challenge what you think you know about Africa. This is a spectacular journey through a vast and diverse continent in all its beautiful and unexpected abundance.

Witness the drama of eagles catching giant bats on the wing, lizards stalking their prey on the backs of lions and a nail-biting giraffe fight. Share the discovery of the world’s rarest fish species and the first-ever access to an island sanctuary for the elusive African penguin. Marvel at a Congo fish that flies like a butterfly and a love-struck beetle who thinks he’s James Bond. Nowhere is more savage, more dangerous, yet more beautiful and alive than Africa. Join a unique expedition to the most extreme parts of this vast continent.

So, before Sunday’s repeat of the first episode have a look at some of the book’s amazing features and stay ahead of the game.

The book makes use of our amazing new (and free!) app Quercuseye to bring the world of Africa to life. Check it out:

There is a wonderful website for the book and you can have a sneak peek inside by watching the video below:

But that’s not all, you can even win a safari worth £25,000 courtesy of Brown and Hudson by going here and answering a very easy question. Happy Hunting!

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