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Author interviews

Happy Valentine’s Publication!

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Publshing today we have some amazing books:a love story across generations, another across vast distances, the most amazing cakes, a Mummyfesto and more!


Motherland is the incredible new novel from William Nicholson.

At the end of a love affair, Alice journeys to Normandy to meet Guy’s mother, the grandmother she has never known. She tells her that there was one true love story in the family.

In the summer of 1942, Kitty is an ATS driver stationed in Sussex. She meets Ed, a Royal Marine commando, and Larry, a liaison officer with Combined Ops. She falls instantly in love with Ed, who falls in love with her. So does Larry.

Mountbatten mounts a raid on the beaches at Dieppe. One of the worst disasters of the war, it sealed the fates of both Larry and Ed, and its repercussions will echo through the generations to come.



Love Virtually ends as Leo leaves Austria for America. He and Emmi have still not met, but the intensity of their e-mail correspondence has been threatening Emmi’s marriage.

Leo returns from Boston and gradually resumes his e-mail contact with Emmi. But he has plans to settle down with Pamela, the woman he met in America. In an attempt to draw a line under their relationship, Emmi and Leo at last agree to meet in person.

Take a peek with our free extract and look out for Every Seventh Wave starring David Tennant today at 14.15 on BBC Radio 4!



Secret venues. Inspired themes. Fabulous cakes. Across the UK and beyond, thousands of home bakers have been meeting covertly in hidden locations with the same simple mission: bake, eat and gossip about cake. At last, the secret is out and everyone can join the club.

Have a look at the Cake Club’s amazing website and have a look at their beautiful cakes on their Pinterest page.




When Sam, Jackie and Anna successfully campaign to save their children’s school lollipop lady, they are asked by a TV reporter if they fancy standing in the general election.

It is, of course, a crazy idea: Sam’s youngest son has an incurable disease, Jackie is desperate for another child and her mum is struggling with Alzheimers, Anna’s teenagers – and marriage – are in danger of going off the rails.

But sometimes the craziest ideas turn out to be the best. And just think what they could do if they got to run the country…

Check out this amazing trailer for the book.



Martha’s Vineyard, New England.

Adam Blaine returns to his childhood home to bury the father he despised.

Here, reunited with his equally relieved and long-suffering family, he becomes aware of the suspicious circumstances surrounding his father’s death.

A death that, Adam will soon discover, is born of a long-hidden truth, and a chequered family history that may not be as black and white as he thought.



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