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Author interviews

The secret’s out about ‘the new Stieg Larsson’

April 3, 2013

The Times have written a wonderful piece about Pierre Lemaitre and his new novel Alex. Soon to be a literary sensation! Here’s a snippet from the article:

Meet Pierre Lemaitre, the new Stieg Larsson

Ten years ago, Christopher MacLehose stood on a subway platform in his lunch hour, handing out copies of a book by an author unknown in the UK.

That writer became one of the best-selling novelists of his generation. His name was Stieg Larsson.

Now, MacLehose has done it again. The publisher who brought Larsson to Great Britain says that in Pierre Lemaitre he has unearthed another master of crime fiction destined to become a household name.

There’s a fantastic website for the book and you can see Christopher MacLehose himself talking about the book here:

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