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Author interviews

Celebrating the Launch of Quercus in North America

May 16, 2013

Jon Riley, editor-in-chief of the Quercus imprint Publisher Christopher MacLehose with Quercus founder and CEO Mark Smith Jo Fletcher, publisher

It’s been an exciting week for Quercus over in New York. We were thrilled to celebrate the launch of Quercus in North America with a gathering of authors, editors, industry figures, and friends at the Italian Consulate in New York last Thursday.

Along with Quercus co-founders Mark Smith and Wayne Davies, we were joined by three key editors — Jon Riley, editor-in-chief of the Quercus imprint, Christopher MacLehose, Publisher of the MacLehose Press, and Jo Fletcher, Publisher of Jo Fletcher Books.

Read more over on the Quercus USA blog.

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