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An Epic Swindle

44 Months With a Pair of Cowboys

Brian Reade

An Epic Swindle - book cover
  • Paperback
  • 28th April 2011
  • £12.99
  • ISBN: 9780857385994

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'The riveting inside story of how Liverpool FC was dragged to its knees' Daily Mirror.

AN EPIC SWINDLE is the inside story of how Liverpool FC came within hours of being re-possessed by the banks after the shambolic 44-month reign of American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. It is the tale of a civil war that dragged Britain's most successful football club to its knees, through the High Court and almost into administration.

Players Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher tell of their anger at the broken promises, as well as their pain at watching loyal fans in open revolt. Manager, chief executive, board members, leading fans and journalists reveal the turmoil at a revered sporting institution run by two men at war with each other, who trampled Liverpool's cherished traditions into the gutter.

No story sums up the naked greed at the heart of modern football quite like Hicks' and Gillett's attempt to turn a buck at Liverpool. No-one has had as much access to the truth, or tells it with as much passion, wit and insight as Brian Reade.
AN EPIC SWINDLE is the riveting story of how close one of the great football clubs came to financial implosion.

Brian Reade is a Daily Mirror columnist, Kop season ticket holder and author of the book 43 Years With The Same Bird. He lives in Liverpool.

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