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Lost Christmas
Lost Christmas
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Lost Christmas

by David Logan

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Goose is lost. It’s Christmas, his parents are dead and now his dog Mutt has gone missing. Those around him aren’t doing much better: his uncle Frank’s wife has walked out, and his nan is losing her mind.

But then Anthony appears – a man who seems to know everything about those he meets, but nothing at all about himself.

Who is he, how does he know so much, and can he help Goose and the others recover what they’ve lost?

So begins a dramatic adventure through love, loss and the quest for home.

‘Funny and touching’ Guardian.

‘Compelling … characters exude warmth and humanity’ We Love This Book.

‘Vivid and touching’ Independent on Sunday.

‘Gritty and magical fairytale’ Woman.

‘A fantastic tale of what ifs and wrongs righted’ Woman’s Weekly.

‘A gripping and heart-warming story’ Parents In Touch.

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