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Redemption in Indigo
Redemption in Indigo
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Redemption in Indigo

by Karen Lord

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Paama, who is a great cook, has returned to her family after 10 years of marriage to the gluttonous Ansige, but two years later he hires the master tracker Kwame to find her. Kwame needs the money to finance his own wanderlust and reluctantly takes the job. These events draw the attention of Chance, the Indigo Lord, one of the powerful spirits called Djombi. The Indigo Lord once wielded the power of Chaos, imbued within the Chaos Stick, but to punish him it was taken from him and given to Paama. Now he wants it back, and he has all sorts of elaborate schemes planned to induce Paama to give him back the Chaos Stick.

The narrator, sometimes serious and often mischievous, spins delicate but powerful descriptions of locations, emotions, and the protagonists’ great flaws and great strengths as they interact with family, poets, tricksters, sufferers of tragedy, and – of course – occasional moments of pure chaos.

‘This is one of those literary works of which it can be said that not a word should be changed’ Booklist.

‘Redemption in Indigo … combine[s] comedy, a sense of mythic-ness, gravity, and sheer elegance’ Charles Tan.

‘A clever, exuberant mix of Caribbean and Senegalese influences … Lord manages to compress her story while balancing the cosmic and the personal – all with a verve that would be the envy of many veteran novelists’ New York Times Book Review.

‘The impish love child of Tutuola and Marquez. Utterly delightful’ Nalo Hopkinson.

‘This retelling of a Senegalese folk tale packs a great deal of subtly alluring storytelling into this small package’ Publishers Weekly.

‘The perfect antidote to the formula fantasies currently flooding the market’ Guardian.

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