• #AccordingtoG WIN a signed copy of The World According to G and a signed 2015 Tour de France Race Number 26 October, 2015

    My new book is all about my world of cycling - what I've experienced, what it means to me - but also what it means to be part of the brilliant cycling community. Here’s which sum it up for me and I want to see yours. Use the hashtag #AccordingtoG to share pictures / videos of what cycling means to you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by 8th November. My favourite will win a signed copy of The World According to G and a signed Tour de France race number. Good luck!

  • Craig Russell, author of The Third Testament When is a hallucination not a hallucination? 01 May, 2015

  • His ideas and inspirations behind Into A Raging Blaze Q&A with Andreas Norman 04 March, 2015

    Andreas Norman, born 1972 in Stockholm, is a Swedish former diplomat and acclaimed writer of the debut novel Into A Raging Blaze. This political thriller rocked Sweden upon release with its portrayal of the mass surveillance that anticipated Edward Snowden's revelations. The book was hailed as "a dazzling suspense novel" and Andreas Norman as the thriller debutant of the year in Sweden 2013

  • Peter May tells us all about what led him to write his latest book, Runaway. Peter May - my inspiration for Runaway 03 March, 2015

  • Rosanna Ley's top tips for fiction writing 13 February, 2015

    Bestselling author Rosanna Ley offers her top tips for writers

  • Rosanna Ley on landscape and creativity 13 February, 2015

    A wonderful blog piece from Rosanna Ley on the relationship between landscape and creativity

  • Big books for February 02 February, 2015

    February is a month where everybody begins to feel the spring in their step return. You’ve battled through the long, cold and dark month of January and finally, extraordinarily slowly, you have made it into February, the shortest month of the year. To celebrate, and why shouldn’t you, why not pick up a new book? Trust us; it’s the best present you could get yourself or a loved one on the day-that-shall-not-be-named in February. We’ve rounded up some of our biggest February titles to give you some ideas.