Quercus proudly announces our new imprint, riverrun

riverrun books

03 May 2016

This week we celebrate the official launch of riverrun books, our brand new literary imprint. What better way to introduce you to this brilliant collection of titles, and to give you a flavour of what riverrun is all about than with a note from the head of the imprint, Jon Riley.

This week we celebrate the official launch of the riverrun list – Quercus’s new literary imprint.

riverrun has been set up to showcase the literary fiction, upmarket crime and top class non-fiction that we have built up at Quercus. For years we’ve been creating a list that, in its diversity, has one feature to mark it out – the writing. We’ve found talent in many different forms, and it’s the writers themselves that make riverrun what it is.

Choosing the name of the new imprint – riverrun – was more complicated than we could have imagined, but all along the solution was across the road. A river.  

It is, of course, the first word of one of the most famous – and probably unread – books ever written, Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. We hope our imprint will attain the first quality and our books will avoid the second.

We will publish books we intend to be international, as relevant to Sydney as Sydenham – which brings me back to Joyce: in the particular is contained the universal.

Jon Riley