Pierre Lemaitre - Irène - Quercus

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  • Paperback £13.99
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    • ISBN:9780857052896
    • Publication date:06 Mar 2014
  • Hardback £16.99
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    • ISBN:9780857052889
    • Publication date:06 Mar 2014
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    • ISBN:9781784290030
    • Publication date:07 Aug 2014
Books in this series


Book One of the Brigade Criminelle Trilogy

By Pierre Lemaitre

  • Paperback
  • £8.99

The first book in the acclaimed Brigade Criminelle Trilogy, reissued in a stunning new package to tie in with Lemaitre's standalone thriller Blood Wedding
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  • ISBN: 9780857056245
  • Publication date: 07 Jul 2016
  • Page count: 400
  • Imprint: MacLehose Press
'A unique and gritty novel firmly placing Lemaitre as one of the most talented authors writing in the genre today' Upcoming4.me. — Upcoming4me
'Fans of the legendary Derek Raymond will love this gem' Sunday Sport. — Sunday Sport
'Gripping, frightening, intelligent and brilliant' Marcel Berlins, The Times. — The Times
'Having now read two of his books I am even more impressed by the writing of Pierre Lemaitre, and am already looking forward to the third book being released in English' A Book Worm. — A Book Worm
'Ingeniously plotted, deftly mixing dark and comic scenes, introducing the detective's team with panache' John Dugdale, Sunday Times. — Sunday Times
'Irène builds on the considerable promise of Alex and confirms Camille Verhoven as one of the most intriguing protagonists to emerge in crime fiction in recent years' Declan Burke, Irish Times. — Irish Times
'Quirky, brutal and not for the faint-hearted, it is crime fiction of the highest class ... Superbly constructed and executed, it puts Lemaitre very close to Ellroy's class. If you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down' Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail. — Daily Mail
'Irène, Pierre Lemaitre's first novel, will be the book that people will remember in years to come. Intelligent and engrossing, it's a worthwhile read primarily for that sense of amazement that will have you flicking back through pages looking for the mirrors or trapdoors, but also because of the mystery itself. A crime novel for genre fans penned by a man who is obviously a fan himself' Reader Dad. — Reader Dad
'Thrilling ... with a page-turning race to a grand-slam finish' Laura Wilson, Guardian. — Guardian