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Nicolette Lafonseca

Full-time writer, crafter, parent and vampire-hunter hobbyist Nicolette Lafonseca established her writing career on her lifestyle blog 'Archie & The Rug' where her exuberance and wit shone through whilst barely masking her contempt for people who spell ' a lot' as 'alot'.Her list of achievements are many and include: kicking cancer in the teeth repeatedly, winning a number of blogging awards, presenting on Channel 4 and giving birth to a fantastic boy.
She aspires to rule us all one day with an iron fist . . . of friendship.

Nicolette lives with her family and their excitable hound, in a constant flux of refurbishing and decorating ,in Hebden Bridge in the weather-smattered county of Yorkshire.

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Nicolette Lafonseca
Nicolette Lafonseca