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    • ISBN:9780857382429
    • Publication date:26 May 2011
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    • ISBN:9781784290139
    • Publication date:06 Nov 2014

The Dinosaur Feather

By Sissel-Jo Gazan

  • Paperback
  • £9.99

Biographical Notes

Sissel-Jo Gazan is a biology graduate from the University of Copenhagen. The Dinosaur Feather was her breakthrough novel, having sold in twelve countries and named the Danish Novel of the Decade. It is followed up by The Arc of the Swallow. She lives in Berlin.

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  • ISBN: 9780857380357
  • Publication date: 29 Mar 2012
  • Page count: 544
  • Imprint: riverrun
'A top-flight thriller - smart and outrageously entertaining' Christopher Fowler, Financial Times. — Financial Times
'Intelligently plotted and psychologically believable' The Times. — The Times
'Simply first class' Jyllands-Posten. — Jyllands-Posten
'Sissel-Jo Gazan has mastered the arts of suspense and revelation' Kristeligt Dagblad. — Kristeligt Dagblad
'Sissel-Jo Gazan's novel has by far outdone, not to say outshone, all other crime novels published this year' Politiken. — Politiken