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    • ISBN:9781782060918
    • Publication date:25 Apr 2013
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    • ISBN:9781780873626
    • Publication date:25 Apr 2013
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Keane's Company

By Iain Gale
Read by David Timson

  • Paperback
  • £8.99

1808: the Peninsular War rages in Spain. And renegade officer James Keane leads the first British intelligence unit on a mission into enemy territory. 'Wonderfully imaginative' Bernard Cornwell.

'Wonderfully imaginative' Bernard Cornwell, author of The Last Kingdom. Perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow and Bernard Cornwell.

Meet James Keane of the 27th Foot: an ill-disciplined card sharp and ladies' man - and one of the finest soldiers of Wellington's army. Keane's task, assigned directly by Wellington, is the creation of an intelligence unit operating behind the French lines. He and his company are trusted with the secrets of the generals - and viewed with hostile suspicion by regular troops.

In a bid to recruit men with uncommon skills, Keane springs soldiers from military jails and liberates them from their regiments. It's up to him to form this band of blackguards into an elite unit. Deep in enemy territory, they must negotiate with dangerous guerilla groups and forge new routes for their army if they are to succeed - and survive. Based on the true activities of the first British military intelligence unit, Keane's Company presents an unusual and fascinating picture of the Peninsular War: a nineteenth-century Dirty Dozen and a worthy companion to Sharpe.

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  • ISBN: 9781782064527
  • Publication date: 16 Jan 2014
  • Page count: 368
  • Imprint: Heron Books
'A gripping, engaging, fast-paced and colourful read, full of the grit, grime and camaraderie of the fighting men of the Peninsular War. An absolute must-read for all fans of Bernard Cornwell and A.L. Berridge' Historical Writers' Association. — Historical Writers Association
'Richard Sharpe would be delighted to have James Keane on his side! Iain Gale's creation is a wonderfully imaginative addition to the fascinating tales of Britain's defiance of Bonaparte' Bernard Cornwell. — Bernard Cornwell