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    • ISBN:9780857053596
    • Publication date:08 Feb 2018
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    • ISBN:9780857053909
    • Publication date:04 May 2017
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City of Miracles

The Divine Cities Book 3

By Robert Jackson Bennett

  • Paperback
  • £14.99

Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman, Brent Weeks, and China Miéville. The awesome climax to the fantasy thrillers City of Stairs and City of Blades: Sigrud je Harkvaldsson is back, and this time he's out for vengeance.

'One of the best books I have ever read' - The Quill to Live

In the climax to the critically acclaimed Divine Cities trilogy, Sigrud je Harkvaldsson is back, and this time he's out for vengeance. Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman, Brent Weeks and China Miéville.

Shara Komayd, once Prime Minister of Saypur, has been assassinated. News travels fast and far, even to a remote logging town somewhere northwest of Bulikov, where the silent, shaven-headed Dreyling worker 'Bjorn' picks up the newspaper and walks out. He is shocked and grieved and furious; he's been waiting thirteen years for Shara, his closest friend, to reach out to him - to tell him to come home. He's always believed she was running a long operation, that there would be a role for him at the right time. Now he has no one else in his life, and nothing to live for - except to find the people who did this.

Sigrud wasn't there for the death of his daughter Signe, and he wasn't there when Shara was murdered. Now Bjorn is dead and Sigrud is back. And he will find answers, for Shara, and for himself. He's made a promise . . .

'As a whole The Divine Cities is simply that, divine' - SFF World

Biographical Notes

Robert Jackson Bennett was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but grew up in the half-developed suburbs of Katy, Texas. He spent most of his time playing on construction sites and in drainage ditches, which would explain a lot. His interest in writing came from hearing about the books his older brother was reading and then attempting to mimic them. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and, like a lot of its alumni, was unable to leave the charms of the city and resides there currently.

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  • ISBN: 9781784291082
  • Publication date: 04 May 2017
  • Page count: 448
  • Imprint: Jo Fletcher Books
Astonishingly good . . . a deep, powerful novel that's worth reading and rereading — Publishers Weekly, starred review
A masterpiece of writing that I will reread for years . . . The book is simply beautiful . . . It is a book that broke my heart, then pieced it back together stronger than it was before, and it is one of the best books I have ever read. — The Quill to Live, 'The Best of 2017'
As fitting a farewell to The Divine Cities as any I can imagine —
Does [City of Blades] live up to the Locus, World Fantasy, British Fantasy and GoodReads Choice Awards-nominated City of Stairs? Allow me to answer with an emphatic yes . . . Robert Jackson Bennett is one of the most talented authors writing in SFF today and this is his finest work to date' — Fantasy-Faction
Robert Jackson Bennett deserves a huge audience. This is the book that will earn it for him. A story that draws you in, brilliant world building, and oh my God, Sigrud. You guys are going to love Sigrud. — Brent Weeks, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Black Prism on City of Stairs
As a whole The Divine Cities is simply that, Divine. — SFFWorld
Building beautifully upon the richly detailed world introduced in the first book of the series, Bennett serves a stew of fantasy and adventure with a healthy dose of humor and a ladle full of violence — Library Journal, starred review
Richly detailed and expertly plotted. A grand entertainment — Kirkus
City of Blades is bolder and harder hitting in almost every aspect . . . perfection. This one gets a full five stars and my hearty recommendation — Bibliosanctum
City of Miracles is perfect from start to finish and will be one of the best books to come out in recent memory . . . The Divine Cities is the first series I have ever read to get perfect tens straight through, with no areas that I think could have been improved. If you haven't picked up these books yet, I implore you to correct that mistake — Quill to Live
City of Miracles is a treatise on how to let go of pain, how to rise above rage, how to accept the parts of yourself that have been broken, and how to mend those shattered pieces into something whole again. It ends the story of the Divine Cities with style, grace, and beauty. This may be the last we see of this world, but if it is, all the more read on, and treasure these divine tales. — Barnes and Noble
Without a doubt, Sigrud is Bennett's best invention. — NPR
Not only a great book in its own right, but a great ending to the series as well. — Elitist Book Reviews
Bennett's ability to juggle a huge scope, an intricate mythology and fascinating, loveable and entertaining characters continues to impress. This is an excellent finale to a trilogy that we will miss. — SciFiNow