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    • ISBN:9781786487797
    • Publication date:12 Jul 2018
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    • Publication date:12 Jul 2018
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Blood Cruise

By Mats Strandberg

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On the Baltic Sea, no one can hear you scream. A summer thriller, perfect for fans of Stephen King and John Ajvide Linqvist.

On the Baltic Sea, no one can hear you scream. A summer thriller, perfect for fans of Stephen King and John Ajvide Linqvist.

Tonight, twelve hundred expectant passengers have joined the booze-cruise between Sweden and Finland. The creaking old ship travels this same route, back and forth, every day of the year.

The passengers include a lonely old woman seeking adventure, a washed-up pop star reduced to running karaoke evenings, the twelve-year-old cousins who were best friends before a family secret came between them and the security guards who are trying to control the daily chaos on board.

But this trip is going to be different.

In the middle of the night the ferry is suddenly cut off from the outside world. There is nowhere to escape. There is no way to contact the mainland. And no one knows who they can trust.

Relationships are about to be tested. Ordinary people are forced to become heroes. But what happens this night can also bring out the worst in people . . .

Welcome aboard the Baltic Charisma.

Biographical Notes

Mats Strandberg, an award-winning writer of adult, YA and children's fiction, was born in the small industrial town of Fagersta, in the middle of the Swedish forest; the place inspired Engelsfors, the setting for the internationally bestselling YA fantasy Engelfors Trilogy (with co-author Sara B. Elfgren). The Circle, Fire and The Key (UK: Cornerstone; US: Overlook Press), are published in 30 countries, and ABBA founder Benny Andersson has turned the first book, The Circle, into a hit movie.

Blood Cruise, his fourth solo novel, is a top ten bestseller across Europe; Mats is currently writing the screenplay (with frequent collaborator Sara Elfgren).

His award-winning journalism won him Columnist of the Year for his regular columns for Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest evening newspaper.

You can find Mats on Facebook and on Twitter at @matsstrandberg_

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  • ISBN: 9781786489982
  • Publication date: 12 Jul 2018
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  • Imprint: Jo Fletcher Books
Mats Strandberg knows how to write horror. I bite my nails. I laugh and I cry. And I will never set foot on a cruise ship again! — Åsa Larsson, bestselling author of The Second Deadly Sin and Until thy Wrath Be Past
Mats Strandberg is a literary cult waiting to happen: Blood Cruise is terrifying and terrifying real, a must-read for fans of Stephen King and John Ajvide Lindqvist — Elizabeth Hand, author of Generation Loss and Hard Light
Mats Strandberg writes sharp as a fang and like the safe hand of a captain he effectively navigates his bloody action — Politiken (Denmark’s biggest newspaper)
Sweden has a new horror king — City magazine, Sweden
Mats Strandberg has an unbeatable skill in putting focus on Swedish everyday life and mixing it with classic horror. In Blood Cruise the Finnish ferry's sleepy everyday life became an inferno of blood — Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s biggest morning paper)
As original as it is eerie — Andreas Trojan, Börsenblatt (Germany)
Read it! On one level it is about fear and how we react to when our reptile brain shouts "Run!" or "Fight!". On a different level, Strandberg is a very empathetic author. Give the book to everyone who loved The Circle . Or give it to anyone who adores Stephen King — Undgdomsbokheftet (Norway)
Buy it - Read it - Borrow it - Read it - Enjoy it - Read it - Share it -Read it - Read it! - Read it!! - Read it!! — Plusbog (Denmark)
The amazing thing about this novel is that the everyday events, the ordinary, are so sensitively portrayed. People should read this book: it is so good! — SVT (Swedish Television)
Strandberg leads his characters and their sentimental worlds very skilfully, with great attention to detail . . . This is really well done — Friederike Kipar; The book blogger (Germany)
'Strandberg can make childhood demons come to life . . . the depiction of primitive fears and instincts are more frightening than the bloodbath the story develops into. Just like Strandberg's idol Stephen King, at his best, Strandberg builds up the tension slowly' — Aftonbladet (Sweden's biggest evening paper)
Multi-layered, the perspectives are constantly shifting, and the reader is forced to refocus over and over' — Sydsvenskan (Sweden)
Highly entertaining and at the same time well-written. Thriller, mystery and especially horror fans will love it — Carmen Porschen, Multimania (Germany)
Mats Strandberg has written one of the best horror novels I have ever read. I was scared for real. And more important, I was touched for real — Folkbladet (Sweden)
On my book shelf Blood Cruise is placed right next to the best by Stephen King and John Ajvide Lindqvist. It will, with 100 per cent certainty, become a horror classic — Boktokig (Sweden)