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    • ISBN:9781787479579
    • Publication date:01 Nov 2018
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    • Publication date:08 Oct 2018
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    • Publication date:04 Jun 2019

Still Lives

The gripping Reese Witherspoon Book Club thriller!

By Maria Hummel

  • Hardback
  • £14.99

A REESE WITHERSPOON BOOK CLUB PICK: A young editor at an LA art museum finds herself pulled into the disturbing and dangerous world of a famous artist who goes missing on the opening night of her shocking new exhibition

'Think a mix of Killing Eve and . . . one of those thrillers that keeps you up till 2am when you've a 6am alarm and you're close to the mark' Stylist


As the party of the year gets underway, celebrities and patrons pour into the Rocque Museum to see Kim Lord - L.A.'s artist of the moment - stabbed, strangled, shot, and beaten. It's the opening night of Still Lives, Kim's new collection of shockingly graphic self-portraits, in which she impersonates the victims of America's most famous homicides, from Nicole Brown Simpson to the Black Dahlia.

The crowd eagerly await Kim's arrival, but she fails to turn up at the gala. Among those gathered is Maggie Richter, a museum editor whose ex, Greg Shaw Ferguson, is in a relationship with Kim. When Kim is declared officially missing, and Greg is arrested on suspicion of murder, Maggie is drawn into a dangerous investigation of her own, haunted by the thought that Kim has suffered the same terrible fate as the women in her paintings.

'Thrilling' Reese Witherspoon

'Addictive' Stylist

'Vibrant' Observer

'Sensational' Guardian

'Elegant' Daily Mail

'Wonderful' Sunday Times

'Compelling' Entertainment Weekly

'Lyrical' Wall Street Journal

'Gripping' Bustle

'Stunning' LA Times

'Smart' Good Housekeeping

'Sophisticated' Grazia

Perfect for fans of Killing Eve, Sharp Objects and Big Little Lies.

Biographical Notes

MARIA HUMMEL is the author of Motherland, a San Francisco Chronicle Book of the Year. She worked as a writer/editor at MOCA in Los Angeles, then received a Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University and taught there for many years. She is currently an assistant professor at the University of Vermont, and lives in Vermont with her husband and sons.

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  • ISBN: 9781787479562
  • Publication date: 01 Nov 2018
  • Page count: 384
  • Imprint: Quercus
A thrilling mystery... still keeps us up at night, it's THAT good — Reese Witherspoon
Vivid, vibrant and thrilling... with an ending every bit as dramatic as the deaths [Kim] Lord has painted — Observer
Unique, smart and uneasy . . . what captivates us about Still Lives is its feminist undertones, cleverly exploring the way violence against women is used as entertainment, while still providing a tight and addictive read — Stylist
Smart and sophisticated — Good Housekeeping
A high-concept literary thriller . . . not only a taut, elegant mystery, but a subtle examination of the way in which American society has become obsessed with the violent deaths of strikingly beautiful women — Daily Mail
Wonderful... delicate... delightful — Sunday Times
Sensational . . . not only a satisfying mystery, but also an ambitious, intelligent and often uncomfortable study of gender, violence and art — Guardian
Frank and incredibly relatable . . . an intriguing, and often disturbing, read — Irish News
Savvy and lyrical - the perfect beach read — Wall Street Journal
[A] smart, opinionated thriller — The Pool
Sophisticated. An intriguing read — Grazia
A deeply affecting examination of how our culture fetishizes female victims of crime -it will also have readers feverishly turning pages... a stunning achievement — LA Times
The fast-paced feminist thriller about the L.A. art world you don't want to miss... An electrifying mystery — Bustle

Gripping... the smartest, most original page-turner I've read in a long time

— Maggie Shipstead, author of Seating Arrangements
A taut thriller with a delectable final 100 pages. It reaches an addictive pitch that all books of this ilk aspire to... and she writes a hell of an ending — Los Angeles Review of Books
Sucks you into a compelling story, before forcing you to contemplate the big, uncomfortable ideas it's considering. It's a fresh choice for Reese's Book Club, to be sure — Entertainment Weekly
Moody and restless, propelled by a gradually intensifying sense of unease — Buzzfeed
A whip-smart mystery and a moving meditation on the consumption of female bodies all rolled into one — Kirkus
A mysterious page turner — Time Magazine