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  • Paperback £7.99
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    • ISBN:9781848663336
    • Publication date:22 Oct 2015
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    • ISBN:9781786482174
    • Publication date:02 Jun 2016
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    • ISBN:9781784291822
    • Publication date:26 Mar 2015
Books in this series

The Ghost Fields

The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 7

By Elly Griffiths

  • Paperback
  • £13.99

Elly Griffiths' next gripping instalment of the bestselling Ruth Galloway series

When a bullet-ridden body is unearthed from a buried WWII plane, Dr Ruth Galloway must find out who the victim was - and who put him there.

Norfolk is experiencing a July heatwave when a construction crew unearths a macabre discovery - a buried WWII plane with the pilot still inside. Forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway quickly realizes that the skeleton couldn't possibly be the pilot, and DNA tests identify the man as Fred Blackstock, a local aristocrat who had been reported dead at sea. When the remaining members of the Blackstock family learn about the discovery, they seem strangely frightened by the news.

Events are further complicated by a TV company that wants to make a film about Norfolk's deserted air force bases, the so-called Ghost Fields, which have been partially converted into a pig farm run by one of the younger Blackstocks. As production begins, Ruth notices a mysterious man lurking close to the Blackstocks' family home.

As the biggest storm Norfolk has seen in decades brews in the distance, human bones are found on the family's pig farm. Can the team outrace a looming flood to find a killer?

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  • ISBN: 9781848663312
  • Publication date: 26 Mar 2015
  • Page count: 384
  • Imprint: Quercus
Elly Griffiths writes ever-more ingenious detective stories with a powerful sense of place and a varied cast of sympathetic and unusual characters. Her heroine is a winner — The Times
Griffiths weaves superstition and myth into her crime novels, skilfully treading a line between credulity and modern methods of detection — Sunday Times