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A Nest of Nightmares

By Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle
'13 stories guaranteed to leave you strongly disquieted' Neil Gaiman.Available to purchase for the first time since its original publication in 1987, this classic of modern horror by award-winning author Lisa Tuttle's debut short-story collection is 'the most significant book of its kind to take a consistently feminist approach to horror fiction' Jessica Amanda SalmonsonWhat happens when your everyday life begins to skew towards the inexplicable and insane? What do you do when your already fractured normality shatters? Featuring all female protagonists, A Nest of Nightmares will take you on a journey through unease and disquiet.Includes the stories 'Bug House', 'Dollburger', 'Community Property', 'Flying to Byzantium', 'Treading the Maze', 'The Horse Lord', 'The Other Mother', 'Need', 'The Memory of Wood', 'A Friend in Need',' Stranger in the House', 'Sun City' and 'The Nest'.
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  • Nightingale's Lament

    By Simon R. Green
    Simon R. Green
    Private eye John Taylor must find the Nightingale before her magical voice ensorcels the entire Nightside - and drives all the denizens of the netherworlds to suicide! No one likes a diva - particularly one who lures her fans to an early grave. In the concealed heart of London known as the Nightside, a place of everlasting darkness, private eye John Taylor has a new case: finding the elusive young songstress known as the Nightingale. The singer has fallen under the influence of a merciless husband-and-wife management team. Once she sang cheerful, upbeat tunes; now her songs are so melancholy that all who hear her are driven to suicide. Taylor is determined to uncover the truth behind this powerful voice, before the whole of the Nightside falls under the singer's deadly spell. But to do so, he must first listen to the Nightingale himself . . . Nightingale's Lament is the third title in Simon R. Green's New York Times bestselling Nightside series.
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