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  • Unholy War

    By David Hair
    David Hair
    In war, nothing is holy. The third in David Hair's epic Moontide Quartet, perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson, George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan.Emperor Constant's crusade is teetering on the edge of disaster. In the wake of a devastating battle, everything has changed: the East is rising, bringing equal measures of hope and despair to Urte.For Elena and Kazim, the victory is a call to arms against the renegade spymaster Gurvon Gyle. For the Queen of Javon, it is a beacon as she seeks new ways to overthrow her usurper husband and reclaim the country for her brother. For Ramon, trapped behind enemy lines, it is one more obstacle in his desperate attempt to get his men safely home. And while the armies of East and West clash in ever-more-bloody conflict, emperors, inquisitors and assassins hunt the Scytale of Corineus, the key to ultimate power, which is in the hands of the most unlikely guardians: failed mage Alaron and market-girl Ramita, pregnant widow of the world's greatest mage.What they choose to do with the Scytale could change Urte forever.'Filled with action, adventure, magic, love, danger and hope. This is a series I cannot recommend enough' - C.E. Tracy
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  • The Unnatural Inquirer

    By Simon R. Green
    Simon R. Green
    In his most lucrative case yet, private eye John Taylor must find a missing man . . . and potential proof of the Afterlife. John Taylor's latest case is going to make him a lot of money - he'll earn more than a million pounds if he manages to find Pen Donavon, a man who claims to have a DVD with evidence of the afterlife. The editor of The Unnatural Inquirer, the most notorious gossip rag in the Nightside, has made a deal with Donavon for exclusive rights, but now both man and DVD have vanished. Taylor is used to dealing with the unsavoury denziens of the Nightside, but it's becoming clear that someone altogether more powerful - and deadly - is also on the trail. Taylor must act fast if he's to find the missing DVD before his mysterious adversary, or he may well be the next one to disappear.The Unnatural Inquirer is the eighth title in the New York Times bestselling Nightside series by Simon R. Green.
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    The Unquiet House

    By Alison Littlewood
    Alison Littlewood
    What is lurking in the corners of Mire House? Chillingly atmospheric, The Unquiet House is perfect for fans of Stephen King. Struggling to recover from the catastrophic loss of both of her parents, Emma Dean desperately needs a fresh start. When she inherits an old house in the depths of the Yorkshire countryside, she realises that this could be her chance. Mire House is dreary, dark and cold - yet when Emma walks inside, she feels an immediate sense of belonging.It isn't long before Charlie Mitchell, grandson of the original owner, appears, claiming he wants to seek out his family. But Emma suspects he's more interested in the house than his long-lost relations.And when she starts seeing ghostly figures, Emma begins to wonder: is Charlie trying to scare her away, or are there darker secrets lurking in the corners of Mire House?'Reads like a timeless classic of the genre' - Guardian
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