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  • Rook Song

    By Naomi Foyle
    Naomi Foyle
    Astra has escaped her enemies, and left behind her friends. But in this new, disorientating world, can she trust anyone?Astra Ordott is in exile. Evicted from Is-Land for a crime she cannot regret, she has found work in an ancient fortress in Non-Land: headquarters of the Council of New Continents, the global body charged with providing humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of this toxic refugee camp. Recovering from a disorienting course of Memory Pacification Treatment, Astra struggles to focus on her overriding goals - to find her Code father and avenge the death of her Shelter mother, Hokma. But can the CONC compound director, the ambiguous Major Thames, protect her from the hawk-eyed attentions of her old enemies? And who in this world of competing agendas can she trust?The deeper Astra ventures into this new world, the more she realises her true quest may be to find herself.
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  • The Return of the Arinn

    By Frank P. Ryan
    Frank P. Ryan
    London has fallen to the Tyrant and now war threatens both Earth and the magical land of Tí­r. The fate of both worlds lies in the hands of five teenagers in this 'enthalling' epic (Los Angeles Times). The Tyrant seeks to control the legendary Fàil, the one artefact that will allow him to cement his power for ever. The only people with any chance to stop him destroying not just the sister worlds of Earth and Tí­r but the in-between world of Dromenon as well are a handful of teenagers with supernatural powers. Alan is leading his Shee army towards Ghork Mega, the Tyrant's capital city, but he's racked with doubt over his decisions. His girlfriend Kate, holder of the Second Power, is impulsive and stubborn - but she too is determined to stop this great evil. Mo is desperate to help, but she isn't sure she's brave enough to stand up to the villain. And on Earth, Mark, who wields the Third Power, is resourceful and fearless, but he's fighting Commander Seebox's Paramilitaries and Skulls.Each of them has grown immeasurably since the day they fell through a mystical portal on Mount Slievenamon in Ireland into a magical world . . . but they are facing almost insurmountable challenges and an evil of unimaginable power.
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  • Regeneration

    By Stephanie Saulter
    Stephanie Saulter
    Could the return of an old enemy could see the gems fragile peace destroyed?The gillungs - genetically modified, waterbreathing humans - are thriving. They've pioneered new aquatic industries, and their high-efficiency quantum battery technology coupled to tidal turbines in the Thames estuary looks set to revolutionise the energy industry. But as demand grows, so does fear of what their newfound power might mean.Then a biohazard scare at Sinkat, their London headquarters, fuels the opposition and threatens to derail the gillungs' progress. Was it an accident born of overconfidence, or was it sabotage?DS Sharon Varsi has her suspicions, and Gabriel sees parallels in the propaganda war he's trying to manage: politicians and big business have stakes in this game too. And now there is a new threat: Zavcka Klist is out of prison. With powerful new followers and nothing to lose, she's out to reclaim everything they took from her.'Some books are good, some books are even great. This one is important' - SF Signal
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  • Rebel's Cage

    By Kate Jacoby
    Kate Jacoby
    A new tyrant reigns in Lusara, but there are still men and women who would risk all for freedom: these are the darkest days of the Silent Rebellion. Magic, politics and romance combine in a magnificent tale of betrayal and revenge, perfect for lovers of Mercedes Lackey and Robert Jordan. Eight years after the Battle of Shan Moss, a new tyrant reigns in Lusara. King Kenrick dabbles in forbidden sorceries as he follows in the footsteps of his usurper father, King Selar, pursuing dreams of empire.At Kenrick's right hand is the evil sorcerer Nash, who just survived his epic battle with Robert Douglas, He's mutilated, his powers a fraction of what they were, but Nash is determined to triumph . . . Only Robert, Jenn and Andrew can stop Nash's plan for complete annihilation - but can they put aside their own bitter feuds and work together after all the betrayals that have gone before?These are the cold, bleak days of winter, when causes founder and faith stumbles.
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