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The Soup Cleanse

By Angela Blatteis, Vivienne Vella
Angela Blatteis, Vivienne Vella
'Really nourishing ... incredibly satisfying ... surprisingly hearty' GOOPLose weight, boost energy and feel recharged. The ideal alternative to juicing diets, The Soup Cleanse offers all the natural benefits of whole fruit and vegetables, but with less sugar and more fibre, making it a healthier, gentler and more sustainable way of eating. With more than 50 delicious recipes and easy-to-follow detox programmes, you'll learn how to nourish and purify your body while flooding it with essential nutrients, as you sip your way through wholefood soups packed full of regenerative ingredients.Unlike many other diets, The Soup Cleanse is built on simple, satisfying recipes that won't leave you feeling hungry or deprived, making it accessible and easy to stick to, even for those with the busiest lifestyles. Get ready to rejuvenate, revitalise and reclaim your health - one bowl at a time!Includes:+ 1-day, 3-day and 5-day detox plans+ Wide range of everyday recipes, from breakfast through to dinner+ Hot soups, chilled soups, regenerative broths and cleansing infused waters+ Dairy-free and gluten-free to suit many diets and lifestyles
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By Joseph Connolly
Joseph Connolly
Terence is sick of people making a fuss of Alexander. His looks. His money. His fame.Who wouldn't resent so successful a son?Even if he is only ten years old.Joseph Connolly's brilliant new comedy of manners weaves together a domestic tableaux of characters - those with old-fashioned manners, tabloid manners, and no manners at all - in a satire on oedipal envy, neighbourly rivalry and the shameless stupidity of our fame-fuelled society.
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Stiff Upper Lips & Baggy Green Caps

By Simon Briggs
Simon Briggs
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