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Venus Laid Bare

By CC Gibbs
CC Gibbs
How many young ladies have the will and inclination to resist the advances of the infamous Marquis of Redvers?Only one, it seems! Venus Duras may be the only beauty left in London that hasn't succumbed to Jack Fitz-James' legendary prowess. In fact, she's turned him down directly, something that quickly became the talk of the town. Jack won't be giving up so easily though, he's determined to make Venus his greatest conquest. But as Venus continues to tease him and tantalize him, without ever giving in, it seems that the Marquis may have finally met his match!
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The Villa

By Rosanna Ley
Rosanna Ley
THE #1 KINDLE BESTSELLER. An unforgettable story set off the sun-soaked coast of Sicily for fans of Dinah Jefferies, Veronica Henry and Santa Montefiore.When Tess Angel receives a solicitor's letter inviting her to claim her inheritance - the Villa Sirena, perched on a clifftop in Sicily - she is stunned. Her only link to the island is through her mother, Flavia, who left Sicily during World War II and cut all contact with her family. Initially resistant to Tess going back to her roots, Flavia realises the secrets from her past are about to be revealed and decides to try to explain her actions. Meanwhile, Tess' teenage daughter Ginny is stressed by college, by her blooming sexuality and filled with questions that she longs to ask her father, if only she knew where he was.
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