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Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Heart of Obsidian

Every day is made better by a cover reveal, and we’re delighted to be bringing you a fabulous one today. Hot off the press from the Orion art department, this is one of the most hotly anticipated titles of our summer . . . and for good reason, because it’s absolutely sizzling. With no more […]

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The Rithmatist Cover Reveal

Gollancz is delighted to be able to share with you the stunning cover for Brandon Sanderson’s new book The Rithmatist, published by our sister imprint Orion Children’s Books. The cover was designed by the brilliant Jamie Tanner. About The Rithmatist: Someone is killing the powerful Rithmatist magicians and Joel may be the only one who […]

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Gallow Cover Reveal

Gollancz are very pleased to be publishing the Gallow books by Nathan Hawke later this year. Three fast-paced, snappy novels featuring Viking-like warriors, of whom the titular Gallow is one, we think that these covers by Alejandro Colucci sum up the feel perfectly. Nearer the time we’ll be running extracts, exclusive short stories and more from this exciting new series, but for now feast your eyes on these.











Just in case you were wondering, this is exactly how they’ll appear in the shops – no titles, no author name, no quotes. Just Gallow.

Gallow: The Crimson Shield  is released on the 11th July 2013, with Gallow: Cold Redemption and Gallow: Last Bastion following in August and September respectively.

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Cover Reveal for Mitch Benn’s Terra

We’re delighted to be able to give you a sneak preview of the cover for Mitch Benn’s wonderful debut novel TERRA. Designed by the ever brilliant Laura Brett in our art department (with added ‘blue’ at the suggestion of Clara Benn) this arrived quite late in the day as the perfect solution to a cover-brief […]

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The Falconer Cover Reveal (A special guest post from Elizabeth May)

A very special thank you to Elizabeth May for sharing this blog post with us on the making of the cover for her debut novel The Falconer.    THE FALCONER’s cover is here! :dances: :tosses confetti: :dances more: And if I may say so, it is… I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of […]

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A late blog to mark the late Jules Verne’s birthday. And a cover reveal too!

Jules Verne was born on February the 8th, 1828. Being the sort of writer Verne was and being born in the third decade of the 19th century was always going to place you near the beginnings of what most people consider to be SF. And with a body of work that includes Journey to the […]

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Triple Threat! Cover Reveals for POISON, CHARM and BEAUTY!

We’ve teased you about these, we’ve been telling you that Poison is coming, along with Charm and Beauty later in the year . . . and at long last we can reveal the covers!   This is Poison, the true tale of Snow White:   To see the full Poison cover click here.     Charm, […]

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Cover Reveal: THE FALCONER

Gollancz is delighted to be able to reveal the cover for Elizabeth May’s debut novel, The Falconer. We can’t tell you too much about this book just yet, except that it’s going to be epic. And we don’t use that world lightly.     So, what do you think of the cover? Leave us a […]

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Cover reveal: a great new look for Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie needs no introduction. He’s the Sunday Times bestselling author of Red Country, The Heroes, Best Served Cold, and The First Law Trilogy. His novels have been praised by authors as varied as George R. R. Martin: ‘Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold is a bloody and relentless epic of vengeance and obsession in the grand tradition, […]

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Cover Reveal: Dreams and Shadows

This cover reveal for Dreams and Shadows could well be the worst kept secret in genre publishing. I love this cover so much that I kept forgetting all our carefully laid plans (Sorry Jenn!) and have been tweeting previews and glimpses all over the place. But what this cover does do (whether this is the […]

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Cover Reveal: NOS4R2

As some of you have already guessed the cover we’re going to reveal today is for Joe Hill’s NOS4R2. We love this cover. When Gillian showed it to me I was a little bit scared. I might have had to peek at the cover through my hands. We can’t reveal all the details yet on […]

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THE RED KNIGHT- Cover Reveal

Last week we announced that we’re bringing debut fantasy author Miles Cameron to the Gollancz list this year, with his epic, blood-soaked series starring The Red Knight. There will be more information coming over the next few weeks, to whet your appetite, but for the moment feast your eyes on the fabulous cover art, by the […]

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Have you met Harper Connelly?

We’re thrilled to introduce a fabulous new look for another of Charlaine Harris’ crime-solving supernatural heroines. Have you met Harper Connelly? Well this is your chance! Struck by lightning when she was fifteen, Harper was left scarred . . . and with a unique gift. She’s not psychic but she can sense the dead – […]

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Red Country: Cover Reveal

What is there to say but take a look at this? It’s the brand new cover, just released, for Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country.  It’s been a little while coming but I think you’ll agree that the wait has been worth it. It’s another collaboration between the award-winning trio Laura Brett (design), Didier Graffet (knives) and […]

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Discovering Destiny Quest day 5 – Exclusive Cover Reveal of The Heart of Fire

So I hope you’ve enjoyed our Week of Destiny, and that the various bloggers and reviewers have convinced you to try The Legion of Shadow out. It really is a remarkable book. When I was pitching it to the publishing meeting, I came up with a list of people who might be interested in the […]

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