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Science fiction and fantasy films we’re most excited to see in 2017

The Lure

Singing, dancing, cannibal mermaids cause havoc in an 80s style Warsaw nightclub. We challenge any director to make a more beautifully weird film in 2017 than The Lure.

UK Release Date: TBC but keep an eye out for individual screenings


The LEGO Batman Movie

Combining Arrested Development‘s Will Arnett and Ralph Fiennes, who proved himself a king of comedy in The Grand Budapest Hotel, was never going to be anything but brilliant. After a sea of brooding, troubled Bruce Waynes, I’m extremely excited for a Batman made of plastic.

UK Release Date: 10 February

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden looks eerily stunning. A young girl is hired to be handmaiden to a Japanese heiress in Japan-occupied 1930s Korea – a new life on a secluded estate sounds harmless, but Sookee is out to ruin her new employer’s life.

UK Release Date: 14 April


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians 2‘s two minutes of trailer has better 3D than any feature length film I’ve ever seen, and I’ve maybe never laughed so hard at any trailer? Fighting evil has never looked as fun as in this new Marvel movie. Throughout the Marvel Universe, we’ve also got Logan, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok to look forward to.

UK Release Date: 28 April


Wonder Woman

There aren’t nearly enough women kicking ass on our screens in between seasons of Jessica Jones. This film switches between an all-woman Amazonian island of warriors and the gloom of World War I. Gal Gadot stars and has been through military bootcamp when she served for two years as an enlisted soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, so she knows a thing or two about being superhuman.

UK Release Date: 2 June


The Dark Tower

Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) in Columbia Pictures' THE DARK TOWER.
© Sony

Unsurprisingly, we are very ready for cowboy Idris Elba, but more importantly, we’re so excited for this Stephen King adaptation! This movie is based on The Dark Tower novels and follows on from book seven.

UK Release Date: 28 July



It 2017
© KatzSmith Productions

I am personally less ready for this other Stephen King adaptation, because I have no courage and clowns are terrifying, but the idea of seeing Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard on the big screen is cheering me on. Kids are disappearing and being dismembered in a small American town, and it’s up to a bunch of tweens to face their deepest fears in order to stop IT.

UK Release Date: 8 September


Blade Runner 2049

Can all reboots come with Harrison Ford now? 2049 occurs 30 years after the events of the original film, with Ford reprising his role as Deckard, who went missing after Blade Runner, and Ryan Gosling co-starring as the new blade runner sent to find him.

UK Release Date: 6 October


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi
© Lucasfilm

Jedi: plural or singular?

UK Release Date: 15 December


How to Talk to Girls at Parties

How to Talk to Girls at Parties
© Hanway Films

Two teenage boys try to chat up girls at a party in 1970s Croydon, which might be a little difficult when those girls are actually aliens. The details about this adaptation of a 2006 Neil Gaiman short story are scant, but we know Nicole Kidman is starring as Queen Boadicea.

UK Release Date: TBC