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    • ISBN:9781784299644
    • Publication date:07 Apr 2016
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    • ISBN:9781786489999
    • Publication date:16 Nov 2017
Books in this series

Saint's Blood

The Greatcoats Book 3

By Sebastien de Castell

  • Hardback
  • £18.99

The Three Musketeers meets Joe Abercrombie via Mark Lawrence. The Greatcoats are back - and this time it's personal.

'High energy, highly unique, swashbuckling-cop-epic-noir story. Buy it. BUY IT NOW' Sam Sykes

The Greatcoats are back - and this time it's personal.

How do you kill a Saint? Falcio, Brasti and Kest are about to find out, as someone is doing just that, and they've started with a friend.

The Dukes were already looking for ways to weasel out of their promise to put Aline on her father's throne - but with Saints turning up dead, and Church Inquistitors pushing for control - rumours are spreading that the Gods themselves oppose her ascension.

The only way Falcio can stop the country turning into a vicious theocracy is to find and stop the Saint-killer - but his only clue is the iron mask encasing the head of the Saint of Mercy, which prevents her from speaking. And even if he can find the murderer, he will still have to face them in battle - and this may be a duel that no swordsman, no matter how skilled, can win.

Biographical Notes

Sebastien de Castell had just finished a degree in Archaeology when he started work on his first dig. Four hours later he realised how much he hated archaeology and left to pursue a very focused career as a musician, ombudsman, interaction designer, fight choreographer, teacher, project manager, actor and product strategist. After a year in the Netherlands, he has recently returned to Vancouver, Canada, where he lives with his wife and two belligerent cats.

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  • ISBN: 9781782066804
  • Publication date: 07 Apr 2016
  • Page count: 576
  • Imprint: Jo Fletcher Books
Combining old-school swashbuckling action with contemporary characters and a good dose of grit, these books are the rarest of things, great rollicking fun combined with an emotional punch . . . Sebastien, write faster! — John Gwynne, author of The Faithless and the Fallen
This is a one in a million series. Each book is fantastic yet manages to be better than the last and with Saint's Blood Castell takes the characters and readers into some hugely unexpected and exciting places with the consummate precision and skill of a master dueller — Fantasy Faction
Sebastien de Castell exhibits his finest form yet in Saint's Blood . . . If you enjoy fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat adventure and compelling, believable characters battling overwhelming odds yet never giving in, you can't beat the Greatcoats series. To read them is to love them — The Oklahoman
It's like The Three Musketeers with magic. On steroids. But for all of the wild adventuring, peril and spectacle, there is a real heart emerging from beneath it all — Over the Effing Rainbow
Sebastien de Castell keeps delivering amazing books, displaying his talent for weaving a web of humour, tension, ingenious plots and fantastic characters . . . An exhilarating journey that took me at breakneck speed through a whole array of emotions — Draumr Kopa
Wildly entertaining and thoroughly intense, Saint's Blood is the kind of book that makes you wish all epic heroic fantasy can be this awesome — Bibliosanctum
Huge amounts of adventurous fun, witty and incisive dialogue, a set of characters to die for and layer upon layer of fantastic world building - with laugh out loud moments interspersed with dark and dastardly doings. Plus swordfights. What more could you ask — Liz Loves Books
From the first line we remember how funny the writing is in this series as we are immersed back into the world of the Greatcoats, their bone-plated attire and their dueling swords. . . De Castell retains that wonderful, witty delivery that made the first two books in the series such a success' — British Fantasy Society

A perfect and fresh addition to the Epic Fantasy genre, I loved every bit of it . . . The bottom-line is: Read Saint's Blood

— The Book Plank
Don't hesitate to buy this if you love a great hero and story . . . What a voice! What story-telling brio! If you love Dumas, or Game of Thrones or The False Prince this is the swashbuckling fantasy for you. — Amanda Craig, author of Hearts And Minds
One hell of a good book — Conn Iggulden
High energy, highly unique, swashbuckling-cop-epic-noir story. Buy it. BUY IT NOW. — Sam Sykes, author of The City Stained Red
Highly entertaining . . . I loved everything about this book — Smorgasbord Fantasia
One of my all time favourite fantasy series . . . simply stunning' — Parmenion books
The character growth is stunning, the advancement of themes indescribable, and the escalation of tension to unimaginable heights breathtaking. I have no idea how de Castell can possibly top this, but you can be assured I'll be there to watch him try — Speculative Herald
Swept me along and I did not want to put it down — Blodeuedd
Sebastien de Castell keeps delivering amazing books, displaying his talent for weaving a web of humour, tension, ingenious plots and fantastic characters — DraumrKopa
The Greatcoats series is definitely one of my favorite Fantasy reads, and Saint's Blood was an amazing installment. Exciting, fast-paced, and full of major twists - the finale to this series is absolutely my most anticipated book now! — Bookish Whimsy
There's so much about this book to love . . . If you like swashbuckling fantasy, this is the story for you — Throw this Book at Me
The writing is clever and exquisite, each character voice unique and vibrant, and the relationships between the core characters is absolutely brilliant — Jennifer Melzer
This book, and series, is so close to perfection in my eyes . . . This book broke me. This book killed me. This book, then, resurrected me and gave me life. Then, I read the bonus content and this book ripped my f****** heart out, and now is going to make me wait a year to maybe get it back — Mel To The Any