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  • Paperback £13.99
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    • ISBN:9781784291020
    • Publication date:10 Sep 2014
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    • Publication date:10 Sep 2014

Beautiful Ever After

By Katie Piper

  • Paperback
  • £7.99

Britain's most inspiring young woman shares the next chapter of her remarkable, uplifting personal story.

'Katie Piper has an attitude to life that can make anything bearable. She's a hero' MARIAN KEYES

The heartbreaking, inspiring and uplifting story of Katie Piper's journey from recovery to new beginnings, motherhood and finding love.

Since the brutal rape and acid attack that left her permanently disfigured, Katie Piper has rebuilt her life one piece at a time. In this powerful sequel to her bestselling memoir, Katie reveals what happened next, as her life changed in ways she never thought possible.

Behind her brave face and public success, Katie's story is still heartbreaking at times as she faces medical procedures, terrifying flashbacks and fears for the future. But as Katie finds her Prince Charming - and becomes a mother against the odds - she experiences both the wonder and anxiety of starting a new, loving family.

You will both smile and cry as you join Katie on her highs and lows. With her trademark warmth, honesty and courage, Katie Piper takes you by the hand through her story, showing that no matter how lost you feel in life, you are never alone.

'Katie is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met' SIMON COWELL

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  • ISBN: 9781784291167
  • Publication date: 26 Mar 2015
  • Page count: 288
  • Imprint: Quercus
Katie Piper has an attitude to life that can make anything bearable. She's a hero. — Marian Keyes
Katie is one of the most inspiration people I have ever met — SIMON COWELL
Katie's account of her experiences is unflinching, but marked with a deeply impressive dignity and courage — Daily Mail
You'll be bursting with admiration after reading this touching and truly inspirational book' — Closer
Inspiring, honest and incredibly helpful — Mumsnet
his book will inspire anyone confronting a challenge — Sun
An emotional roller coaster — Star Magazine
[Katie Piper] relives her story, movingly showing us that beauty really is more than skin deep — Woman
A touching read — New!
A stunning example of triumph over adversity — Scottish Daily Record
Inspiring account of courage and bravery - a thought-provoking and emotional guide to coping with trauma — Top Sante
An inspiring read — Woman's Own
Read Beautiful and you will be angered, moved and inspired. Above all, you will be in awe of Katie Piper — Sunday Express