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  • Paperback £12.99
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    • ISBN:9781782066040
    • Publication date:03 Jul 2014
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    • ISBN:9781782066033
    • Publication date:03 Jul 2014
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    • ISBN:9781782066057
    • Publication date:23 Jun 2014

Into a Raging Blaze

By Andreas Norman

  • Paperback
  • £7.99

An epic Swedish spy thriller exposing a Europe-wide intelligence conspiracy, by the 'Swedish Edward Snowden'

Carina Dymek works for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Until she accidentally exposes secret plans for a European Spy Agency.

Suspended, investigated, on the radar of the Security Service, she is fighting to clear her name.

But now MI6 are watching.

And their plans for her are just beginning.

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  • ISBN: 9781782066064
  • Publication date: 02 Apr 2015
  • Page count: 528
  • Imprint: riverrun
So plugged into the present that it's hard to believe its publication in Norman's native Sweden anticipated Edward Snowden's revelations by two months . . . Norman's understanding of the dark, destructive side of surveillance is second to none, and at its best, Into a Raging Blaze is convincing and addictive — Guardian
A modern take on the spy thriller ... Norman's warning is a clear message to the 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' camp who challenged the import of the Snowden revelations ... A Le Carré-esque yarn that's rooted in verisimilitude . No faint praise that — Independent
An excellent and very up-to-the-minute novel ... Is this how others see us now? If so, alas! — Literary Review
Norman handles its derring-do deftly. For British readers, however, the main source of interest is its unflattering reverse-angle view of our spooks at work — Sunday Times
Solid description of the insides of the corridors of power ... A Snowden-showdown whistle-blowing scandal — Independent, Best Noir Newcomers
Much hyped, but largely worthy of the hype; a strong debut by a Swedish Ministry insider moving provocatively in Snowden/Assange 'leaks' territory' — Barry Forshaw, Guardian
Gripping and unnervingly believable, it's a fictionalised exposé of Anglo-American spying — Choice
A first-rate debut thriller that asks: Who watches the watchers if they don't choose to be seen? The narrative starts slow but doesn't take long to build up speed. From then on, watch out! — Library Journal
Rarely have I read such a well-written debut novel as this ... Well orchestrated dramaturgy, rich language, and extremely believable characters ... Andreas Norman has written a dizzying thriller — Dagens Nyheter, Sweden
I haven't been able to erase Andreas Norman's Into a Raging Blaze from my mind. In the aftermath of Edward Snowden, it all seems horribly prescient. It's written by a Swedish diplomat and is a salutary reminder that not everyone trusts the Brits! — Times Higher Education
Andreas Norman is uncannily close to the truth — Anonymous Head of undisclosed department at the Swedish Security Service HQ in Stockholm