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    • ISBN:9781784298470
    • Publication date:31 Dec 2015
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    • Publication date:31 Dec 2015
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The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k

The bestselling book everyone is talking about

By Sarah Knight
Read by Sarah Knight

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How to stop spending time you don't have with people you don't like doing things you don't want to do

A brilliant, hilarious homage to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, showing how to shed your mental clutter for good.

Aimed at overachieving but dissatisfied people everywhere. Sarah's inspirational two-step "NotSorry" program shows how unleashing the power of not giving a fuck will help you shed unwanted guilt and obligations to redirect time, energy, and enthusiasm to your true priorities.

Sarah reveals why giving a fuck about what other people think is your worst enemy-and how to stop doing it; how to sort your fucks into four essential categories; simple criteria for whether or not you should give a fuck (i.e. "Does this affect anyone other than me?"); and the two keys to successfully not giving a fuck without also being an asshole.

So, get rid of the mental clutter, ditch the perfectionism and create the life you want - for good.
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  • ISBN: 9781786480934
  • Publication date: 01 Feb 2016
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  • Imprint: Quercus
This book will help you redefine what really matters — Stylist
The best book I have read recently . . . Absolutely blinding. Read it. Do it — Liz Jones, Mail on Sunday
Every woman's handbook — Evening Standard
Life-affirming . . . The key practice she advocates is devising for yourself a "f**k budget" . . . It's a beautiful way of streamlining your psyche — Lucy Mangan, Guardian

I love Knight's book before I even start reading . . . the book works a charm

— Sunday Times Magazine
Genius — Cosmopolitan
Her book wooed me with this line: "Hot yoga? Don't give a downard f***!" She has some frank advice . . . Bite me off a piece of that, I think — Style, Sunday Times
Yes, it's a parody of a cult book . . . but it's something more, too. Knight acknowledges the overwhelmingness of the modern world in a different way to many before her — Guardian
Changed my life. To this day, I think about how it schooled me in the fine art of giving less f*cks about people (and party invites) who don't really matter to me, and saving my precious time and energy for those who do. I wasn't alone - the book became an international bestseller — Vogue
My new saviour . . . hilarious — Psychologies
This kind-of-genius parody of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up might actually change your life — Women's Health
Light relief . . . thoroughly modern self-help book — Independent on Sunday
After reading this book cover-to-cover and compiling a list of ten things I don't give a f*** about (Kanye West and exfoliation figured pretty highly), I realise how wonderfully liberating it is to stop apologising for things I'm not sorry about — Red
Unashamedly funny, honest and practical book . . . sounds pretty darn tempting to us . . . And it makes you laugh. Bring it on! — Heat
[A] mix of Oprah Winfrey-style mantras and Amy Schumer-esque obscenities — Elle
Self-help with an edge — Vogue
A funny take on that very popular cleaning up book, but so much more. It's about taking care of yourself and not giving a f*ck what people think of your choices (but without being an a**hole). This book is kicking ass all over bestseller lists. Buy it. You won't be disappointed — Jen Kirkman
This year's must-read [self-help] title — Katie Glass, The Sun
The self-help equivalent of a Weird Al parody song. (That's a compliment.) — Molly Young, The New York Times Book Review
Hilarious and liberating — Fashion Me Now
There are some really genius life lessons to be learnt, such as ditching "bikini body" guilt and embracing the NotSorry Method. — Elle Australia
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F--k stands out from the self-help pack not only for its frank language and sense of humour, but also because it is about less in a culture of more. — Nicole Elphick, Daily Life
Perfect for any woman who's finding the festive season a bit too much — The Sun
Highly amusing — Mslexia
The missing life manual that everyone should get at birth. It should be required reading in school . . . Sarah Knight is like a modern-day Mary Poppins for mental clutter . . . And her spoonful of sugar is her wicked sense of humour. Every household needs her . . . or at least a copy of her book . . . Outstanding — How to GYST
For practical and sweary self-help advice with no bloody lectures, Sarah Knight is the bollocks — Brigid Moss, The Pool