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    • ISBN:9781786487452
    • Publication date:08 Mar 2018
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    • Publication date:08 Mar 2018
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    • Publication date:24 Jan 2019

Out of Thin Air

A True Story Of Impossible Murder In Iceland

By Anthony Adeane

  • Hardback
  • £16.99

The sensational true crime case that has gripped Iceland for five decades.

'Reads like a great thriller' Ragnar Jonasson
'Extraordinary . . . utterly compelling' Sunday Times

Every Icelander knows about the Gudmundur and Geirfinnur disappearances.

1974. In two separate incidents, two men vanished into thin air. Then, out of it, came six murder confessions and six convictions. Yet, in the decades that followed, these too evaporated.

Anthony Adeane explores the stranger-than-fiction story that has unravelled in Iceland across forty-five years. He provides the first full account of the case, paints a fascinating picture of the country, and places each development in the contexts that shaped them: from the Cod Wars to the Cold War, the 2008 economic crash and beyond.

Using unprecedented access, and exploring his own personal obsession with the case, he exposes the mistakes that were made, the lives that were ruined, the questions that remain unanswered, and the headlines that continue to be printed.

Out Of Thin Air is at once a brilliant portrait of a society, a story of a shocking miscarriage of justice and a compelling true crime narrative.

Biographical Notes

Anthony Adeane is a journalist based in London.

He pitched the idea for a documentary about the Gudmundur and Geirfinnur disappearances to an independent production company in Autumn 2014 and then worked with them over the next three years, travelling back and forth to Iceland to conduct interviews with those involved, and to learn more about this fascinating country.

He has since built up a vast network of contacts, including the main suspects, the police who first investigated the disappearances, and the journalists who made their names with this story.

When he is not writing about bizarre Icelandic disappearances, he can be found working at the BBC as a current affairs producer.

  • Other details

  • ISBN: 9781786487476
  • Publication date: 08 Mar 2018
  • Page count: 304
  • Imprint: riverrun
Reads like a great thriller. Incredibly interesting, even for someone from Iceland, where this mystery has been a part of the nation for decades — Ragnar Jonasson, bestselling author of the Dark Iceland crime series
Extraordinary . . . What the case says about the reliability of memory and the uncanny power of stories over our minds . . . for anyone who believes in justice, is the most disturbing part of a deeply disturbing and utterly compelling story. — Sunday Times
What a fabulous read. As well as being a fascinating exploration of an appalling miscarriage of justice, it also offered an intriguing glimpse into Icelandic history and modern society. I haven't enjoyed visiting Iceland this much since I watched Trapped! — Jo Spain
Riveting, cleverly structured . . . gripping. — Metro
Fascinating . . . a compelling insight. — Spectator
A major strength of the book is in how Anthony sets the scene of Iceland's society of the time. — The Reykjavik Grapevine
Reads like a great thriller. Incredibly interesting, even for someone from Iceland, where this mystery has been a part of the nation for decades