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Suzanne Fagence Cooper

Suzanne Fagence Cooper is a writer, lecturer and curator, working on 19th & 20th century British art, design and culture. Her latest book, How we might live: At Home with Jane and William Morris is the first joint biography to show their life-long creative partnership. She looks at the houses and works of art that Jane and William made together, from Red House to Kelmscott Manor. Through newly revealed manuscripts, furniture, wall-hangings and beautiful books, she explores the pioneering life they embraced with their artist friends. Suzanne was Research Curator at York Art Gallery for the major exhibition, ‘Ruskin, Turner & the Storm Cloud’ in 2019. Her book To See Clearly: Why Ruskin Matters shows how Ruskin’s art and writings can help up to understand our world differently. She considers his approach to beauty, travel, love and loss, and suggests fresh ways to engage with our natural world and built environment. Suzanne’s biography of Effie Gray was originally published in 2010 as The Model Wife. She looks at the Victorian art world through the eyes of a woman who was married first to John Ruskin, and then to John Everett Millais, the Pre-Raphaelite painter. Suzanne worked from family letters, unseen in public for a century. Effie Gray’s marriage to Ruskin inspired a film starring Dakota Fanning, Greg Wise and Emma Thompson, released in 2014. Suzanne spent 12 years as a curator and research fellow, studying the Victorian collections of the V&A Museum. She has written extensively on the Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian women. She has worked a historical consultant with Ralph Fiennes for his film about Dickens, The Invisible Woman, and has contributed to programmes on BBC Radio and tv, and Channel 4. She is an accredited Arts Society lecturer and a guest speaker for Cunard. You can follow her on Twitter @suzannefagence or read her blog at: http://suzannefagencecooper.blogspot.co.uk/