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The Cat Care Handbook

The Cat Care Handbook

1 Cat Behaviour:
Knowing more about why your cat acts the way it does will help you enjoy and appreciate the unique temperament of the cat in your home.

2 Choosing a Cat: This chapter will help you to assess your circumstances, so that you can decide between moggie and pedigree, a cute kitten or a fully grown adult, one feline or two. It will also help you consider whether to keep your cat indoors or allow it access to the outside world.

3 Basic Cat Care:
A one-stop guide to caring for your feline, whether it is a young kitten or fully grown adult. This chapter includes no-nonsense advice on feeding and grooming, as well as information on all your cat’s toileting and sleeping needs. There’s a handy section on stress-free travelling with your pet, and advice on tracing a cat that has gone astray.

4 Games, Showing and Training:
This section shows you simple ways to teach your cat the rules of the house using reward and praise (never punishment). There’s also advice on enjoying daily playtime – essential for a cat’s wellbeing and happiness – as well as a handy section on common behavioural problems and how to solve them.

5 A Healthy Cat:
When it comes to health, prevention is much better than cure. This chapter shows you how to keep your cat well through simple checks that you can do at home. There’s advice on when to call a vet – as well as how to keep your cat calm at the surgery. Common ailments and emergency first aid are covered, and there is a directory of complementary cat therapies.

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure / Natural History

On Sale: 14th March 2013

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ISBN-13: 9781780870939