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Sex Matters

Sex Matters

A clarion call about the dangers of medicine for women, as well as a manual for how women can get the right care for their bodies.

Sex Matters tackles one of the most urgent, yet unspoken issues facing women’s health care today: all models of medical research and practice are based on male-centric models that ignore the unique biological and emotional differences between men and women – an omission that endangers women’s lives. The facts surrounding how male-centric medicine impacts women’s health every day are chilling: in the ER, women are more likely to receive a psychiatric diagnosis with regard to opioid use, while men are more likely to be referred for detoxification; the more vocal women become about their pain, the more likely their providers are to prescribe either inadequate or inappropriate pain relief medication; women often present with nontraditional symptoms of stroke, which causes delays in recognition by both them and their health professionals; and a government accountability study found that 80% of drugs that are withdrawn from the market are due to side effects that happen to women (a result of testing drugs mostly on men).

Leading expert on sex and gender medicine Dr Alyson McGregor focuses on the key areas where these differences are most potentially harmful, addressing:
· Cardiac and stroke diagnosis and treatment in women;
· Prescription and dosing of pharmaceuticals;
· Subjective evaluation of women’s symptoms;
· Pain and pain management;
· Hormones and female biochemistry (including prescribed hormones);
· How economic status, race, and gender identity are additional critical factors.

Not only does Dr McGregor explore these disparities in depth, she shares clear, practical suggestions for what we can do. A work of riveting expose, revelatory insights into the medical establishment and actionable guidance for putting this information to use, Sex Matters is an empowering roadmap for reinventing modern medicine – and for self-care.

Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 19th May 2020

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781529405910


I have worked with Dr Alyson McGregor as a national leader in the area of sex and gender in medicine and healthcare--I commend her on this book.
C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD, Director, Barbara Streisand Women’s Heart Center, Cedars-Sinai
Alyson McGregor is a persuasive and intelligent advocate for the unique health care needs of women. The two sexes are significantly different in all the tissues of the body--even to the way the same genes are expressed. An expert in emergency medical care, her deep and informed knowledge of the way disease presents itself in women ensures their prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment. She is a powerful force in gender-specific health care.
Marianne J. Legato, MD, PhD (hon. c.), FACP, Emerita Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University
Sex Matters is highly learned, readable, and inspiring. A call to action-we learn exactly how women are understudied and misdiagnosed. We must all insist that medical schools and funding agencies do better. We must all support research in sex and gender medicine so that ultimately your doctor can do right by you!
Londa Schiebinger, professor of History of Science, Stanford University, and Director of Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment
Well-researched, riveting, and insightful, Sex Matters is a triumph for women's health. Dr. McGregor exposes the gender, racial, and economic biases in medicine and puts the spotlight back where it belongs--on the needs of individual patients.
Wendy S. Klein, MD, MACP, Medical Director, Health Brigade and co-founder, VCU Institute for Women’s Health