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From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

We’ve gone from regarding the Net as something exotic to something that we take for granted, like mains electricity or running water. Yet most people have no idea how the network functions, nor any conception of its architecture; and few can explain why it has been – and continues to be – so uniquely disruptive in social, economic and cultural contexts. John Naughton has been thinking, arguing, lecturing and writing about the Net for over two and a half decades, and in FROM GUTENBERG TO ZUCKERBERG he distills the noisy chatter surrounding the internet’s relentless evolution into nine clear-sighted and accessible areas of understanding.

FROM GUTENBERG TO ZUCKERBERG gives you the requisite knowledge to make better use of the technologies and networks around and raises important questions, as exciting as they are unsettling, about the future of the Net and the impact it will have on our lives.

Genre: Society & Social Sciences / Society & Culture: General

On Sale: 22nd December 2011

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9780857385475


'A fantastic read and a marvel of economy. This is the kind of primer you want to slide under your boss's door' Cory Doctorow, Observer.
Cory Doctorow, Observer
'From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg comes at a point when much of the traffic associated with desktop computers is migrating to mobile devices and cloud computing is a new thing. It helps those of us stuck in the old paradigm (or no paradigm at all) to catch up on what it all means' Glasgow Herald.
Glasgow Herald
'As Naughton points out, most internet users are far more ignorant than they realise. His book is as useful to them as to neophytes' Mail on Sunday.
Mail on Sunday
'An accessible guide to the Internet, which covers the nine need-to-know ideas about its cultural significance' Sunday Times.
Sunday Times