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These Are Our Children

These Are Our Children

Florence is pregnant and 99% sure it’s her husband’s. But it could be Thomas’s.

Thomas is a neo-natal doctor whose invention could save premature babies.

Helen is a midwife grieving for her baby, lost before the technology was invented.

This is a novel that explores what love can drive us to do; searingly funny, audaciously smart and devastatingly moving.

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Modern & Contemporary Fiction (post C 1945)

On Sale: 1st August 2013

Price: £6.49

ISBN-13: 9781780877136


'A remarkable book ... elegantly written, intricately and plausibly plotted with some stunning surprises. A page-turner, in fact. More, it is moving about miscarriage, about childbirth, in a way that is exceptional' Craig Raine.
Craig Raine
'Julie Maxwell's second novel is written with waspish wit and is unflinching in its examination of an under-discussed area of women's experience' Carla McKay, Daily Mail.
Daily Mail
'Singular and memorable, alarmingly frank, terrifyingly fearless, funny, clever, thought-provoking ... She uses comedy to lower your guard, then skewers you with impossibly difficult moral issues ... This is a truly adult read, demanding that we flex our intellectual and ethical muscles' Jane Housham, Guardian.
'An original and witty writer who deserves to be better known' Joanna Kavenna.
Joanna Kavenna
'She wields a feistily original brand of wit and she marshals a capacity for ethical debate that feels so unstrained ... Occasionally dazzling' Julie Myerson, The Times.
The Times
'Excellent ... It's all there: humour, wisdom, commitment to the difficult truth. And most basic and most important of all, good writing' Claire Lowdon, TLS.