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The Return of the Dwarves Book 1

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529424867

Price: £12.99

ON SALE: 9th May 2024

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

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Hundreds of cycles have passed in Girdlegard since Tungdil Goldhand vanished. The dwarf Goïmron works as a gem carver in the city of Mallenias Watch. He is particularly fascinated by the old times, the great times of the five dwarf tribes, and so spends his spare time searching the markets for records and artefacts for clues about their proud history.

And then Goïmron comes across an extraordinary book. The wealth of detail it contains leaves no doubt that the book must have been written by the heroic Tungdil Goldhand himself. But, impossibly, the last entry seems to be recent. . .

When Goïmron sets out in search of the legendary dwarf, he and his troop of companions soon find themselves in the middle of ancient intrigues and brutal power struggles between ruthless humans, mysterious albae – and dragons.

Once again, the land of Girdlegard needs the wisdom, humour, fighting spirit and stubbornness of the dwarves. Heroes old and new will accept the challenge . . . but will the dwarves rise again?


Traces of true magic, wit and secrets untold . . . you will enjoy the story
Fantasy Book Review on The Dwarves series
A gripping read with some very memorable characters . . . this will definitely satisfy
Worlds in Ink on The Dwarves series
The Dwarves is a well-constructed classic fantasy story that I greatly enjoyed
Speculative Book Review
I was turning pages and eagerly awaiting the next plot twist. I totally recommend this book
Boom Tron on The War of the Dwarves
The prose is sharp, the action sequences bloody and all in this has been a real joy to read . . . pure joy from start to finish and definitely one I'd recommend to other fantasy fans
Falcate Times on The Fate of the Dwarves
To pithily, if a little inaccurately sum it up, The Dwarves is just like Tolkien's The Hobbit, if the Hobbit grew up, started wearing a hoody and drinking on street corners. Or perhaps, Tolkien with a dash of Gemmell and a sprinkling of George R.R. Martin
Malazan Empire on The Dwarves