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That Close

That Close

The amazing life of Madness frontman and national treasure, Suggs

Suggs is one of pop music’s most enduring and likeable figures. Written with the assured style and wit of a natural raconteur, this hugely entertaining and insightful autobiography takes you from his colourful early life on a North London council estate, through the heady early days of Punk and 2-Tone, to the eighties, where Madness became the biggest selling singles band of the decade. Along the way he tells you what it’s like to grow up in sixties Soho, go globetrotting with your best mates, to make a dead pigeon fly and cause an earthquake in Finsbury Park.

Genre: The Arts / Music / Music: Styles & Genres

On Sale: 24th October 2013

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9780857389541


'Beautifully recreates the memories of his early years' Daily Express.
Daily Express
'His early life would make a novel in itself' Ian Rankin.
Ian Rankin
'Really well written. Gripping' James Brown.
James Brown
'Brilliantly nutty ... gloriously irreverent' Mail on Sunday.
Mail on Sunday
'Wonderfully evocative' Scotsman.