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'One of the things that makes Willis such a joy to read is the blazing clarity of his explanations. By the time you've finished his book you'll appreciate every nuance of naval tactics' Mail on Sunday.
Mail on Sunday
'His portrayal [...] serves as a model for future studies' International Journal of Maritime History.
International Journal of Maritime History
'With his great gift for making complex events exceptionally clear, and an authentically salty understanding of the workings of wind, sea, sail and rig, this is a brilliant and subtly nuanced account' Sunday Times.
Sunday Times
'Those who would attempt to explain a great battle at sea in the age of sail need salt water in the veins and a skilled pen. In this marvellous book Dr Sam Willis proves that he has both' BBC History Magazine.
BBC History Magazine
'Willis brings a welcome pace and energy to what might otherwise have been a dry account of a rarely remembered sea battle' Glasgow Sunday Herald.
Glasgow Sunday Herald
'Willis's matchless grasp of historical detail brings it vividly to life' Mail on Sunday.
Mail on Sunday

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